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"You should know, too," said Yan Mufei. "It's not easy." "A gust of wind," said Dong Ping. "I know, but I'm sure I can control him." Yan Mufei, "Oh!" "Then I don't have to worry about you," he said. "I don't know if you can see that the young man just now came from Miao territory and made the Central Plains Wulin turn pale at the mention of a tiger." "A gust of wind." Dong Ping looked up suddenly and said, "He.. He is the '! "Of the Golden Flower Gate. "Yes," said Yan Mufei. "Don't you see that?" "A gust of wind," Dong Ping quickly shook his head and said, "No, I want to know that he is from the Golden Flower Gate. Even if he kills me, I dare not attack him." "So I was right to stop you," said Yan Mufei. "A gust of wind," said Dong Ping. "Thank you, Master Yan. Thank you.." Yan Mufei shook his head slightly and said, "That's not necessary. Tell me, why did you turn around and run away as soon as you heard Yan Mufei's three words?" "In a gust of wind," said Dong Ping, "I know that the chivalrous man has a tender heart and a gallant heart. The'Jade Dragon Beauty Hawker 'hates evil as much as he hates it." "All right, sir," said Yan Mufei with a sudden smile. "You said there was no flaw in the previous words, but in the last sentence, you gave yourself away." "A gust of wind." Startled, Dong Ping said, "What do you mean, Master Yan?" Yan Mufei smiled and said, "I can tell you that in the martial arts world, there are many people who know the chivalrous tenderness,water bottling line, the courage of the sword and the heart of the harp, and the'Jade Dragon Beauty Hawker '. But few people know that Yan Mufei is a'Jade Dragon Beauty Hawker'. These few people are all in the official family." "A gust of wind!" Dong Ping's face changed and he said, "Master Yan, I'm not an official. I'm not." "Don't wait for me," said Yan Mufei. "Tell me the truth. Where did you come from?" "A gust of wind," Dong Ping said anxiously, "Master Yan, I'm really not.." Yan Mufei said, "Now that you know the'Jade Dragon Beauty Hawker ', you should know what it's like to wait for the'Jade Dragon Beauty Hawker' to make a move." "A gust of wind." Dong Ping lowered his head and said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Master Yan, I'm from Wudang." "I know that," said Yan Mufei. "Let me ask you who asked you to follow the Golden Flower Gate." "A gust of wind," said Dong Ping. "Master Yan, it's me." "Your Excellency," said Yan Mufei indifferently. "A gust of wind," said Dong Ping. "I'm telling the truth, Master Yan." Yan Mufei raised his hand and put it on his shoulder. He trembled and shook his head. With a white face, he said in a trembling voice, "Master Yan, show mercy!" "Yes," said Yan Mufei, "but you must tell the truth." "A gust of wind" Dong Ping lowered his head and his body trembled slightly.
"Sir," said Yan Mufei, "you can't escape unless you tell the truth." "A gust of wind," Dong Ping did not speak, did not look up, he groaned low! "Don't delay, sir.." said Yan Mufei. His face suddenly changed, and with that hand on the shoulder of "a gust of wind" Dong Ping, water filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, he quickly lifted the chin of "a gust of wind" Dong Ping! "A gust of wind" Dong Ping clenched his teeth, his face turned blue, his eyes rolled slightly, his eyebrows frowned, and he looked very painful! Wei Hanying was startled and hurriedly shouted, "Mufei, he's taken poison!" Yan Mufei withdrew his hand, Dong Ping's head hung down, his body lay back, Yan Mufei shook his head and sighed: "Yes, I didn't think of it. It's too late!" Wei Hanying raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "You want to die, don't you?"? I'll let you die! Yang Zhang will split down! "" Forget it, Hanying, "said Yan Mufei." He doesn't have much time left. " Dong Ping, the "gust of wind" on the ground, suddenly began to roll over, kicking his legs, scratching his hands, grabbing the stone, grabbing the earth, ten fingers were broken, but he still kept scratching, his mouth also issued a groan of pain! "You're not worth it, sir," said Yan Mufei. "I'll make it up to you." Hands up and fingers down, the void point on the "gust of wind" Dong Ping's death point, Dong Ping two legs a kick, immediately silent motionless, that death phase, is still miserable enough! "What a cunning thing!" Said Wei Hanying with a sneer. "He'd rather die than tell the truth," said Yan Mufei. "There's poison in his mouth. It's not him who's cunning, but his superior. This man is even more vicious!" "It's a good clue," said Wei Hanying. Yan Mufei said, "This somersault was a big fall. I didn't expect it." In the city, in the vast night, an agile figure flew over! Yan Mufei immediately said, "Hanying, he can't find us. He turned back." As soon as the voice fell, the figure suddenly stopped and stopped on the tile surface of a house dozens of feet away from the city wall. "He saw us, Mufei," said Wei Hanying. "I'm afraid he can't see who we are.." said Yan Mufei. The conversation broke out and the lips moved. Just listen to the figure a light call, the body of lightning pulled up, unrestrained general rushed over! "Did you tell him?" Asked Wei Hanying. Yan Mufei nodded slightly! The figure shot down Chengtou like a flying star and a stone, and it was the dragon under the door of the Golden Flower Gate, the beautiful young Jinyulong in brocade robes. He fell to the ground and bowed. "I've seen Master Yan!" Yan Mufei replied with a smile, "I dare not!"! Hard, so tired that you live in the city for an empty trip, I am very uneasy! Jin Yulong said, "I asked Baokang Branch of the'Poor Family Gang 'where you two were. I just went to the inn and thought you had gone, but I didn't expect you to be here." Turning to Wei Hanying, he asked, "Is this Miss Wei?" Wei Hanying nodded with a smile and said, "It's Wei Hanying." Jin Yulong hurriedly saluted and said, "The master ordered me to ask Miss Wei how she is." "Thank you," said Wei Hanying. "Your master is fine, too." "Thank you," said Jin Yulong. Pointing to the body of Dong Ping, "a gust of wind" on the ground, he said, "Master Yan, this man is.." Yan Mufei smiled and said, "He's following you in the dark." Jin Yulong said in astonishment,liquid bottle filling machine, "Master Yan, what you said.." Yan Mufei said, "Your master is still a few miles away from Baokang. I have already received a report from the disciples of the Baokang Branch of the Poor Family Sect.". gzxilinear.com


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